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We love being so close to beautiful beaches of Camber Sands and Winchelsea and spend many a day’s walking the dog, watching the kite surfers and other water sport enthusiasts or simply admiring the sunsets. A walk along the beach is a perfect way to blow off the cobwebs of a night before or to leave behind the pressures of everyday life.

Camber Sands

There a few beaches to rival Camber Sands, East Sussex. A striking expanse of sandy beach that stretches for seven miles and boasts a half-a-mile width at low tide making it ideal for walking.

A trip to Camber Sands should be part of your stay on the East Sussex Coast and Knelle Dower Studio B&B. Watch the lively community of kite surfers, their colourful kites and breath taking skills are fascinating to watch.

Camber Sands is the only sand dune system in East Sussex and the various special habitats such as saltmarsh, sand dunes and saline lagoons make it a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Winchelsea Beach

Unlike Camber, Winchelsea Beach is predominantly a shingle beach, however at low tide a large area of sandy shore is revealed – and easy to walk on.

Winchelsea beach is moodier than Camber with fascinating cliffs and scenery. A photographer’s paradise as the sunlight creates fascinating shadows and mesmerizing colours around the groins and surf.

At low tide it is possible to walk around the base of the cliffs into the next bay or enjoy rock pooling bringing back childhood memories.

Seven Sisters Country  Park

Seven Sisters Country Park

Not strictly speaking a beach but worth a visit to see these spectacular white cliffs. The best view is from the opposite side of the cliffs at Seaford.

The Seven Sisters are a familiar site in filmmaking and television productions as a stand in for the not so white Cliffs of Dover. Unlike the Cliffs of Dover, which are protected due to the proximity of the port and hence covered in greenery and vegetation the Seven Sisters are allowed to erode naturally which maintains their beautiful white colour.

They form part of the East Sussex, South Downs and the South Down Way runs along the edge of the cliffs between Seaford and Eastbourne. Sites of fresh cliff falls serve as a reminder that chalk cliffs are naturally unstable and walkers should stay well away from the edge of any cliffs.

Adjoining is the Seven Sisters Country Park with 280 hectares of chalk cliffs, a meandering river valley and open chalk grassland. A popular place for outdoor activities like walking, birdwatching, cycling and canoeing.

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